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Cultivate a spirit of giving and compassion

At Our Big Kitchen Los Angeles (OBKLA) our school programs are designed to teach students about giving and about those less fortunate from a young age. We believe in creating meaningful opportunities for students to learn in a practical way so that they can readily understand the importance of giving back.

No matter the age, we believe it's never too soon to create and encourage a spirit of giving and selflessness. Our programs vary depending on requirement, the student’s age and anticipated learning outcomes. Cooking together breaks down barriers and creates an enriching and fun experience for all students as we connect over OBKLA’s main ingredient…. love.

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OBKLA's school programs empowers students to:

Connect and interact with peers in a meaningful way

• Make a tangible difference by giving back to the community together

• Engage in a wider community and connect to growing a community

• Learn about giving, sharing, respect, love, kindness and gratitude

• Understand others, compassion and kindness

• Learn new cooking skills, and have fun

• Demonstrates your school's commitment to social responsibility in a practical way

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Our Next Generation is the Future for a Giving Community.


By cooking with large numbers of volunteers - or even smaller groups - we are able to make more meals and support more people in need. Last year OBKLA made  70,256 meals and 123,520 cookies which got distributed to those suffering from food insecurity across Los Angeles.  Without schools coming in and volunteering their time, this amount of meals would not have been achieved.

Our belief is through giving we empower and connect people. We hope to build a larger community of givers and, by more schools participating, we hope to spread this giving narrative.

Running a large commercial kitchen and a charity does have costs. By having these school programs it contributes to OBKLA’s running costs. These programs are how we hope to stay sustainable as a charity and continue to grow.

2023 Community Impact

13,243 Volunteers

123,520 Baked good items prepped

70,256 Meals Served to the needy

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Duration: 2 Hours

The Program Includes

  • Arrive, check in and orientation

  • Receive Chef instruction on the menu to be prepared and begin food prep.

  • Prepare packaging for the meals 

  • Prepare cookie dough 

  • Assemble the meals in the prepared containers/packaging 

  • Participants get to sample the cookies prepared 

  • Closing Talk and group photo


$20 Per Student - Minimum 40 Students


The group loved working together to support underserved families in our local LA community and can't wait to come back. As one of the students said, "This was the BEST day! I had such a meaningful time putting together healthy meals for those in need in Los Angeles and doing it with my friends made it even better." 


This field trip was a special experience.  There are lots of people who don't have food and are hungry. We learned that when we help others, we also feel good about ourselves.


Bring your school! We are excited to have you!

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